Termeh Shafie

Lecturer in Social Statistics

University of Manchester

About Me

I am a PhD in Statistics working at the University of Manchester. My research interest falls in the intersection of multivariate statistics and social network analysis. Other research interests are in the area of statistical information theory and network sampling. I’m very passionate about working interdisciplinary and doing research that moves across scientific borders. The projects that I have worked on and am currently working on are listed below.


Lecturer in Social Statistics
since 2018 · University of Manchester
Department of Social Statistics
Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis
Postdoctoral Researcher
2017 - 2018 · ETH Zürich
Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences
Chair of Social Networks
Postdoctoral Researcher
2013-2017 · University of Konstanz
Department of Computer & Information Science


Ph.D. in Statistics
2013 · Stockholm University
Thesis: Random Multigraphs: Complexity Measures, Probability Models and Statistical Inference
Licentiate of Philosophy in Statistics
2008 · Umeå University
Thesis: On-Site Sampling in Economic Valuation Studies
Master of Social Science (major in Statistics)
2006 · Umeå University
Master of Science in Public Administration and Economics
2006 · Umeå University


2019 · V Amati, A Mol, T Shafie, C Hofman, U Brandes · "A framework for reconstructing archaeological networks using exponential random graph models" Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory (in press)

2018 · V Amati, T Shafie, U Brandes · "Reconstructing Archaeological Networks with Structural Holes" Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 25(1), 226-253

2018 · O Frank, T Shafie · "Random multigraphs and aggregated triads with fixed degrees" Network Science 6(2), 232-250

2017 · T Shafie, D Schoch, J Mans, C Hofman, U Brandes · "Hypergraph Representations: A Study of Carib Attacks on Colonial Forces, 1509-1700" Journal of Historical Network Research 1(1), 52-70

2017 · J Laffoon , T Sonnemann, T Shafie, C Hofman, U Brandes, G Davies · "Investigating human geographic origins using dual-isotope (87Sr/86Sr, δ18O) assignment approaches" PLoS ONE 12(2), e0172562

2016 · T Shafie · "Analyzing local and global properties of multigraphs" Journal of Mathematical Sociology 40(4), 239-264

2016 · V Torra, T Shafie, J Salas · "Data Protection for Online Social Networks and P-Stability for Graphs" IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing 4(3), 374-381

2016 · O Frank, T Shafie · "Multivariate entropy analysis of network data" Bulletin of Sociological Methodology/Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique 129(1), 45-63

2016 · J Hart, T Shafie, J Birch, S Dermarkar, R Williamson · "Nation building and social signaling in southern Ontario: AD 1350-1650" PLoS ONE 11(5), e0156178

2015 · T Shafie · "A multigraph approach to social network analysis." Journal of Social Structure 16, 1-22


Statistical Entropy Analysis of Network Data
This project focuses on the applicability and versatility of statistical entropy tools for practical network analysis and for exploring complex multivariate data. R package in the making.
Collaborators: Ove Frank, Krzysztof Nowicki.
Random Multigraph Models
This project focuses on the statistical analysis and modelling of social network data represented as multigraphs (graphs in which multiple edges and edge-loops are permitted). R package in the making.
As a member of an international ERC-Synergy research project, I was part of the team working on the reconstruction and modelling of archaeological networks and their transformations in order to investigate the impacts of colonial encounters in the Caribbean.