Goodness of fit tests for random multigraph models

Goodness of fit tests for different probability models for random multigraphs.

Multiplexity Analysis of Networks using Multigraph Representations

Performing multiplexity analysis whilest also considering the node covariates.


Probability models for and statistical analysis of random multigraphs.

Gender Dependent Structure of Dialogue Networks in Films

Using statistical entropy analysis and random multigraphs to analyse gender representation in films. More info coming soon.

Random Multigraphs

The statistical analysis and modelling of social network data represented as multigraphs. More info coming soon.

Random Multigraphs and Aggregated Triads with Fixed Degrees

New combinatorial results are given for the global probability distribution of edge multiplicities and its marginal local distributions of loops and edges. The number of multigraphs on triads is determined for arbitrary degrees, and aggregated triads are shown to be useful for analyzing regular and almost regular multigraphs.

Analyzing Local and Global Properties of Multigraphs

The local structure of undirected multigraphs under two random multigraph models is analyzed and compared.

A Multigraph Approach to Social Network Analysis

The main purpose of this article is to show the versatility of a multigraph approach when analysing social networks.

Complexity of Families of Multigraphs

This article describes families of finite multigraphs with labeled or unlabeled edges and vertices. It shows how size and complexity vary for different types of equivalence classes of graphs defined by ignoring only edge labels or ignoring both edge …