Data Wrangling and Visualization with Tidyverse

MSc course

The Tidyverse is a collection of packages in the statistical software R that provides a consistent and efficient framework for data manipulation, exploration, and visualization. It emphasizes using tidy data principles and functional programming techniques to simplify and streamline data analysis workflows. This course provides structured guidance on how to use tidyverse tools to simplify data importing, cleaning, processing and visualization. This is illustrated using realistic worked examples throughout the course.

Make sure to install and load Tidyverse:



date slides practical data
1: Meet the toolkit 12.04.2024
2: Data visualization and ggplot 19.04.2024
3: Visualizing numerical and categorical data 26.04.2024 .zip
4: Grammar of data wrangling I 10.05.2024 .zip
5: Grammar of data wrangling II 17.05.2024 .zip
6: Tidying Data 23.05.2024 .zip
     More Practicals 07.06.2024 .zip
7: Data Types and Data Classes 14.06.2024 .zip
8: Importing and Recoding Data 21.06.2024 .zip
9: Web Scraping 05.07.2024
10: Functions and Iteration 12.07.2024